You just got started with a new online MLM business

You just got started with a new online MLM business and you want to tell everyone online about it. So, you sign up for all kinds of message boards, email groups and other business networking websites.
Before you do anything, please realize that you are dealing with REAL PEOPLE. The Internet seems like this anonymous place where you might feel people wont really notice you if you engage in any vampirish behavior, but realize that the Internet is no different than dealing with people offline.
Treat people with respect, get to know them first and youll have plenty of valuable contacts for your business. No, most probably wont join your business opportunity, but they will teach you a lot about business, will refer others to you and will be a great asset to your business even if they never buy a thing from you.
Some Online Networking No-Nos:
– Sending private messages or emails about your business opportunity or products to another member is in poor taste. If you want to contact someone privately because you feel you have something in common, go for it, but dont recruit or sell.
– When you introduce yourself on a networking group, its usually okay to say what you dobut dont invite people to check out your website or say that you are looking for new customers or recruits.
– Even if a message board or networking group allows you to post ads in certain places or on certain days, dont bother if youre new. Get to know the group first and then theyll be more interested your offers.
When you have a new business, it can be stressful and you feel pressure to get results. The important thing to remember is that results come from building long-term relationships and not from preying on online networking groups.
Dont suck the blood out of all your prospects and people who can connect you with potential prospects before you even get started.

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